Deceptive advertising notice

Dear Exhibitor,

It has been brought to our attention that some exhibitors are receiving offers to participate in Fair Directories, such as “Fair Guide” or “Expo Guide”.

Given that the exhibitors receive this form with the name of a fair in which they have participated or will participate, we wanted to make it clear that FIT (International Tourism Fair of Latin America), Hotelga, International Handicrafts Fair and FERIAS ARGENTINAS SA do not have any type of relationship with this company, and that it is a scam to get the exhibitor to sign, without knowledge, a monetary obligation with the company that sends the notifications.

Next, the information received from AOCA (Argentine Association of Organizers and Suppliers of Exhibitions and Congresses) regarding the subject and how to proceed:

“Given the ambiguity of the information that emerges from the aforementioned form, it is common for exhibitors to interpret that it is a form sent by their fair organizer exclusively intended to correct or update their participation data at the fair in order to correctly reflect in the Guide free of charge.

The problem is that by filling out this form, you are authorizing the payment of an amount of money in favor of the advertising company, a payment that is sufficiently hidden so that the exhibiting company misinterprets it as a free insertion.

UFI and other Global Associations have already requested that the use of this advertising cease, given the confusion that these forms generate in the Exhibitors.

However, this company continues to act, and to avoid more complex and unwanted situations, we ask those who receive this type of advertising and subscription form in “Fair Guide” to read carefully all its contents before signing, being sure of hiring the service they offer. ”

We appreciate your attention and we are at your disposal for any questions. Best regards.

Ferias Argentinas S.A.